Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fan request.

Recently I recieved the following email and wanted to share it with all FartDroid Fans...

Dear Neat-of Fun,

I just want to say, how much fun I have with this APP.
I use it in the Elevator, in the Gym Locker Room and
At the Grocery store and Wal-Mart. I love it Going down
The Air Freshener Isle or as I call it “Glade Isle” after I set it off
Love to see people spray after I walk by.

Any way the reason for this note, I just updated and
Have a request. I love the Motion Detector, but HATE the random sounds, and HATE not being able to select the sound
I want at this very moment.

It would be great for the next update then when you hit motion detector, it ask Random or Custom, when you hit custom
it will ask you what sound to use, Or better yet select 5-10 sounds in order you want to use, after the 5th or 10th sound, it repeats. You hit ok then it goes
Into motion detector mode

Thank you and Sincerely Yours,

Ted Neumann.

PS: Your App was one of the Main Reason why I went with a Droid and not an iphone.

I want to thank Ted for the suggestion and also let everyone know that I have developed the first draft of this functionality,
In the new motion detector you can select which farts to play. Farts will be played randomly based on the farts you have chosen.
I have also added a start button....the motion farts won't start until you press the Start button. This is so that you can select farts without ruining the surprise. As a bonus FartDroid Remembers the last farts you selected so that you don;t always have to reselect them.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

FartDroid is FREE on the Android Market! Get it now!

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