FartDroid - Fart Machine(Free)

#UPDATED 9/27/17

FartDroid was removed from Google Play a while back because it just became to time consuming to update. FartDroid is back as Progressive Web App. Go to FartDroid.com and try it for yourself!


  • FartDroid is the Number 1 Fart App on the Android Market!
  • FartDroid comes on STRONG with over 150 different Farts to keep your Android phone tootin!
  • FartDroid has TWO different Interfaces to make sure that you can effectively make your phone fart in a way that makes you comfortable.
  • Classic Mode is for the power user that NEEDS to have access to ANY and Every Fart at any given moment.
  • New Mode is for those of you that NEED to fart in style. Classic mode consists of a Big Green Fart Button to make sure you can hit the button with ease.
  • Record your own farts!
  • Submit your fart to be featured in FartDroid!
  • Motion Fart lets you lift your leg to fart!


Not only do you get all of these farts for all your Fart Prank needs...you also get to save the sounds to your sd card for use as NotificationsRingtones and Alarms.

Why would you want to wake up to a rooster when you can awaken yourself to a nice big wet squishy fart.

Don't be fooled by imitation fart apps that just get the job half done!

FartDroid is the #1 Fart App for Android!

Don’t take my word for it! Here’s what some of the over TWO MILLION FartDroid users have to say…
“ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! Nasty but absolutely hilarious. I set a fart for a notification and, folks blush when my phone squirts out a nice, loud fart. It does draw attention.” -Willskeeper
“Wonderful Clears out spaces quickly” -Me3TV
“Man, I love this app, its HI-LARIOUSLY FUNNY this is one app I could use day to day to entertain myself with.” -Ksonicsoundz
“Lol I can’t believe I downloaded this… I should be to old to enjoy this…and yet I have been entertained” -Robert
“Omg! Love it! I’m speach less I actually thought it would suck but what can I say when it shuts up babies? ( when they cry )” -Zoila
” I was in tears of laughter. Great app!” -chiquita banana
“Do people use smartphones to do dumb things? Yeeeeaaauup. Funny as hell love farting bot graphic :-P aNg” -Angela
“Farts=Funny. I just discovered the record feature this app just went from awesome to epic! Kudos to you, sir. Kudos to you.” -Frank
“Best Fart app Multiple farts that sound real. Easy to trick people. Good fun” -APB
“Fartdroid Funny and easy to use” -Boyo
“OMG! My grandkids think I am so silly. But love it” -nonnie
“Gr8 to play in public toilets” -sandy
“Good fun for boring literature classes” -Tamas
“I do splat on the toilet alot, so nasty! Tiny fly is cool too worth downloading! You’ll get a kick out of it!” -mckenzie
“Definitely the best fart app on the market. I have researched. Gone through many, many farts..” -Anthony
“My favorite farting app!” -Carola
“I love this app!! I used this at in n out and it was HILLARIOUS!!” -Talura
“Awesome! Sounds alot like my friend except not as stinky.” -Danny
“Awesome!!! Thumbs WAY up. Best fart app thats free :) ” -Andrew
“This is too funny! My one year old nephew and my son laughs at it every time” -Jamie
“I had another soundboard but this fart soundboard takes the cake. I used this in the elevator at work and around lunch time” -Raven
“The fart timer is priceless. Set your phone down at work and walk away.” -Jerome
“Great for leaving o n tables at restaurants and getting up to use the restroom. Never gets old coming back to an embarrassed wife!” -Kurt
“My roommate and I laughed at this for about an hour straight. No joke.” -Holly
“Set the timer,drop in ur mama’s big purse when she ain’t looking & run!” -L
“First rule of comedy: farts are funny. Keeps my nephews amused on shorter car trips.” -BrooklynSara
Over 2 million users can’t be wrong!

Version 7 Now Available!


Motion Fart is here just in time for Thanksgiving! The Perfect after dinner prank!

Put your phone in your front pants pocket and then lift your leg to fart!
Press your phone's menu button to activate motion farts!

Thanks to those of you who have submitted your farts!

Tell your friends!

Check out the FULL Version for even MORE FARTS!

FartDroid is a BrotherSoft Editor's Pick!