Thursday, January 26, 2012

FartDroid Fart of the Month winners for January

The farts for January's Fart of the Month update have been chosen. I literally had to listen to over 1000 farts over the past week and a half and choosing just these 16 was very difficult.

Thanks to all of you who submitted your fart(s).

Without further ado January's Farts of the month are:

  • Ron fart by Jake H
  • relieved by Dana D
  • philly cheese steak by Bryan J
  • not so mighty duck by Lambert C
  • moose call by Matthew D
  • fire by Kaitlyn M
  • echo by James W
  • double stank by Steven A
  • doomed by Andy B
  • da bomb by Chris L
  • car by Alex H
  • butt breaker by Cameron R
  • bee by Kaitlyn M
  • at work by Alan W
  • angry duck by Kaitlyn M
  • ahhhhhhh by Ember S
Version 8.1 update will be available Friday 1/27/12

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