Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FartDroid gets redesigned!

FartDroid is now 10 apps in 1! For the sake of usability and a few emails from FartDroid users I have split up the sounds into separate screens.

The new home screen gives you access to the many different modes of FartDroid at the touch of a button.

  1. FartDroid Soundboard
  2. Fart Recorder
  3. Motion Sensor
  4. Countdown Timer
  5. Farts of the month July
  6. August
  7. September
  8. October
  9. November
  10. Steven G's toilet sounds

Get it NOW! Available for FREE in the Android Market!
Check out a few screenshots below...

Classic FartDroid mode which contains all of the original farts! Touch a button to play any classic fart! Hold the button down to save the fart as a ringtone, notification or alarm!

MotionFarts lets out gross fart sounds every time you lift your leg.

Countdown Timer


  1. Why are there so few farts in classic mode?

  2. Those are the origninal farts that were included in FartDroid before I started farts of the month. I had a few emails from users stating it was hard to find the right fart because too many were one screen.